In the last several years, a crisis of capitalist development has redefined our understanding of cities in terms of international policy making, political constituencies and individual and collective political expressions in the urban realm. Inter Unit 8 has been experimenting with possible new scenarios for this political readjustment at a global scale, departing from its most basic expressions in the city. As a result, students have constructed innovative political arguments by experimenting with the relationship between everyday material activities–such as waiting for a bus, dancing, chatting in the streets, or wheeling and dealing in the city squares–and a particular material organization. In these common everyday practices, students have found the materials from which to reconstruct the political experience in the city. Manifested in public and constructed as a physical material expression, these everyday practices acquire a political value — understanding the political as what Hannah Arendt described as action in public — and redefine new models of the interaction between the individual and the collective in the public arena.


Intermediate Unit 8 Selection of Final Portfolios

(c) Stavros Papavassiliou

Congratulations to all Intermediate Unit 8 Students for their amazing portfolios.

Atta, Gary, Karl, Kayvan, Lyza, Maud, Max, Merve, Olivia, Stavros, Uliana and Yong

Our best wishes to Costa Rivetti.


External Examinors RIBA

Congratulations to all 3rd year students!
Elisabeth Adams and Neil Thomas reviewed the work of all our 3rd year students.

Atta Yousefi Presentation
(C) Valerie Bennett

Max Hacke pinning up his drawings

Karl Karam prepare for his presentation


Exhibition Schedule

Please be time to do your asigned work.


Exhibition Images

(C) Valerie Bennett

Thank you very much Valerie!



Congratulations to all 2nd year!You did a great job the whole year. Best whishes in your future careers.


Exhibition meeting

Nest Wednesday 16th of June we will meet in Inter Unit 8 space to talk about exhibition. lease bring your portfolios in aUSB to decide what pictures will be on the wall.


Intermediate (Part 1) Final Check

Monday 14th June 2010
Lecture Hall AM
Table 4
Inter 8

10:00 Uliana Apatina
10:30 Gary Dupont
11:00 Max Hacke
11:30 Karl Karam

Tuesday 15th June 2010
Lecture Hall AM
Table 3
Inter 8

10:00 Yong Taek Kwon
10:30 Maud Sanciaume
11:00 Kayvan Sarvi
11:30 Amir Yousefi

It is extremly important to be on time for your review.


Last tutorials before 3rd year tables

10.00 Karl
10.30 Yong
11.00 Uliana
11.30 Atta
12.00 Max
12.30 Kayvan

10.00 Gary
10.30 Karl
11.00 Uliana
11.30 Atta
12.00 Yong
12.30 Max

2.00 Kayvan
2.30 Maud


Exhibition: Havana The death body of Paradise

Intermediate Unit 8 Exhibition in the Architectural Association
From 3rd to 18th June 2010

Thanks to all students for their work and involvenement in this exhibition.


2nd Year Final Tables

Monday 7th of June
Lecture Hall AA

09:30 Merve Anil
10:00 Stavros Papavassiliou
10:30 Ielyzaveta Rudyk
11:00 Olivia Wright
11:30 Costa Rivetti

Please be on time for you review
Design and research work of Intermediate Unit 8 Architectural Association School of Architecture London UK